The Anaesthesia Department is the cornerstone of good surgical outcomes. The science of Anaesthesiology originates dating back to a century and a half, before which “Surgery was agony”.

We have a team of highly qualified experts in the field of anaesthesia who are trained in prestigious institutions around the world.

Being one of the primary healthcare providers in Africa, we conduct an average of 35 to 40 operations every day of various surgical specialities in all four hospitals. We are having 12 modular states of the art operations theatres with laminar flow, HEPA filters and anaesthesia gas scavenging systems which are available in very few selected places in this part of the world.

All modern and safer drugs required for the delivery of Anaesthesia are available for patients to care for.

We have state of the art equipment for administering and monitoring anaesthesia. The monitors include multipara monitors having electrocardiographs, pulse oximeter, capnography, respiratory gas monitors, invasive arterial blood pressure and central venous pressure. We are having newer speciality wise monitoring systems like Entropy for neurosurgery for anaesthesia depth monitoring, advanced cardiac monitoring systems ( invasive and non-invasive). We use ultrasound for various nerve blocks and venous access. We are having a Bair-Hugger warming system, mechanical anti-DVT system and rapid fluid-infusion system, Level 1 fluid warmer and infusion pumps.

Our department is well equipped with high-end anaesthesia machines, high-end ventilators, the latest vaporisers and all types of airway management gadgets including fiberoptic bronchoscopes.

We provide the highest quality services on par with international guidelines resulting in quality patient care.

We offer different kinds of anaesthetic procedures for all kinds of elective and emergency surgeries including daycare procedures. The type of anaesthesia provided depend on the patient medical status and type of procedure…General anaesthesia, Regional anaesthesia(spinal and epidural), Nerve blocks, Monitored anaesthesia care and total intravenous anaesthesia.

We provide anaesthesia for the vulnerable group like neonates, very old geriatric patients, extremely obese patients and difficult airway patients.Our patients include  various diseases like neurological,hematological,endocrinological,cardiorespiratory,kidney,liver,psychological diseases.

We provide anaesthesia for different specialities and sub specialities like Complex Spine surgeries(including scoliosis), Neurological surgeries(including Awake Craniotomy), Solid organ transplants (Renal and Hepatic ), Oncosurgeries, Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgeries (including VATS), Obstetric (including Labor analgesia), IVF and Gynaecological procedures, Gasroenterological, ENT, Opthalmology, Joint replacements and Orthopedic surgeries (including arthroscopy), various advanced Laparoscopic surgeries, Bariatric, Urology, Facio Maxillary surgeries, Plastic and reconstructive Micro-surgeries, Vascular, burns and Trauma surgeries.

Department also offers services to Emergency Care, Radiology(MRI, CT), Cardiac Cath-lab, Endoscopy suite.

We have a modern well equipped postoperative recovery care unit and surgical and Trauma ICU.

We provide 24 hours Acute pain services(PCA and PCEA), PAC services, managing and teaching Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

We have the pride in initiating and sustaining successful Renal transplant centre where more than 150 transplants done over a period of 2 years. And we do 10 to 12 successful transplants per month which is one of our major achievements.

Organized day’s work, Discipline, Communication and teamwork are principal guidelines of our work with the objective of safe and patient-oriented anaesthesia care.

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