Accident and Emergency

Accident and Emergency

Emergency and Acute Care Medicine

Emergency and Acute Care Medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with prompt diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of life-threatening medical conditions. This service is provided by Emergency Physicians & Nurses who have been specially trained to handle emergency medical conditions in the shortest possible time. It is an integral component of the healthcare system and is the first point of contact for all medical emergencies and post hospital hour’s needs. The department also looks after transport of Critical patients by providing ambulance services, and is the nodal center for disaster management. Being an integral part of the healthcare system, the Emergency Department is the first point of contact for all emergencies; medical and surgical. The centre offers round the clock emergency care services with the objective to provide timely treatment to patients as per their needs.

At Mediheal Hospital, we provide pre-hospital care, following the concept of “Golden-Hour” and “Platinum Ten Minutes” considering ‘Saving time is the first step in saving lives’. Our centre is dedicated to provide prompt evaluation, diagnosis and treatment to patients requiring immediate intervention to save them from life-threatening medical conditions.


The Emergency Department (ED) has a Dedicated team of Competent and experienced Emergency Physicians who are present in the department round the clock. The nursing staff in emergency department who have years of experience in handling patients under emergency medical situations in the shortest possible time are also trained to address psychological and emotional needs of the patient, apart from routine medical care. We also offer supportive and counseling services to our patients and their families.

Our Program Team:

Mediheal’s globally trained emergency physicians and multidisciplinary doctors along with Emergency care nurses and paramedical personnel are skilled in treating emergency victims and providing them accurate emergency response. The collaborative and team-based model helps ensure that physicians and staff are thoroughly familiar with each patient’s condition at every step, enhancing efficiency, communication, safety and patient satisfaction. Prompt critical care is provided from the Centre of Emergency and Urgent Care right up to the ICU. Supported by global medical practices and state-of-the-art acute care facilities, our team creates a warm, safe, supportive and comforting environment for the patients.

Our patients can expect Safe, Effective, Patient Centered, Timely, Efficient and Equitable Care at all times from our emergency department. Our main focus areas include:-

  • Trained, qualified and skilled staff
  • World class infrastructure like waiting area, vulnerable area, triage, equipment maintenance etc
  • ER processes and protocols (Head injury, MI, Stroke, Sepsis, Major Trauma), Triage instruments
  • Coordinated emergency care throughout the patient pathway
  • Monitoring and Knowledge of outcomes such as mortality and morbidity review, complaint monitoring to highlight system and/or individual failure.

        Our Services:

  • 24X7 Emergency Helpline
  • ACLS and BLS Ambulance
  • Ambulance equipped with latest technology and well-supported by dedicated and trained personnel
  • Effective and prompt communication between the Ambulances and Emergency Room (ER).
  • Uniform medical protocols being followed for Ambulance management
  • Triage
  • Medico-legal evaluation
  • In close proximity to our  Laboratory and Radiology services
  • Operation Theatre equipped with anaesthesia facilities
  • Backed by super-specialists including physicians and trained nurses
  • Multi-disciplinary support in case of road accidents, trauma, falls and assaults.
  • Management of Brain and Spinal trauma
  • Management of poisoning, snake and animal bite
  • Management of spinal and head injuries
  • Ventilation and Intubation (Invasive and Non-invasive) both
  • Thrombolytic therapy in Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Thrombolytic therapy in Ischaemic stroke
  • Established protocols for patients presenting with chest pain, stroke, trauma and other complex conditions.

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